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We are excited to work for your brand. We produce campaigns from research to execution, providing digital marketing services and traditional advertising. With our in-house video production capabilities, we develop concise, fast, and creative video marketing solutions for almost any company size or brand, for the general market and especially for the Hispanic market.


We come preceded by a long-standing experience as the exclusive steward in Southern California of the largest producer of Spanish language programming and content in the world – Televisa.

Our multicultural and diverse team reaches the hearts of Spanish speakers, Latinx and Hispanic Communities to elevate your brand, expand your growth and increase your ROI

Close up of couple clapping in theater


We are diverse
We all come from different backgrounds, generations and walks of life. By engaging with one another openly, we create deep and meaningful relationships that allow us to grow together.

We ask questions
A lot of questions. And listen carefully to each other, the market, and our clients. We use what we learn as the basis for our creativity.

We are the real deal
Being authentic and open is at the heart of what we do. We strive to bring our whole selves to the conversation and to our work to reach our full potential.

We are all stakeholders

By doing things right, we promote the success of our clients, ourselves, and the community.

We are results driven

Our targeted, focused actions are always meant to positively influence our clients' businesses and their growth, since they are the basis for our own growth.​

Video Editing Timeline
“For over ten years, Energy Media served as the exclusive Spanish-language television media partner to the Balboa Park Conservancy. Working with XEWT12, Energy Media provided exceptional marketing/promotional support, video services and creative activities for kids at all major events"

Sue Varga
Director of Park Activation/Balboa Park Conservancy, 2019
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